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Haru's Iwatobi Harem - FREE!七話

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Kuriyama Mirai | Edited by 

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otakuffeeOtaku + Coffee = otakuffee

The name says it all.. ^_^

i LOVE anime, manga, dramas, books, dogs, music, movies, crafts, DIY projects, fanfictions and food!

I'm pretty sure that we have at least one common interest... hehehe :P

[Filipino ako! Ug bisaya gayud ko.] If anyone understands this two sentences, high five! <3 These two sentences are two different dialects by the way.

P.S. I don't own ANY of the posts unless I say so.

To all my followers: When I open your blog and your blog surprises me with lots of things we have in common, expect me to follow back. But when it doesn't, I'll browse it till I think I have to follow you back. But when steps 1 & 2 fails, I'm sorry but I'm not following you back.

And another thing, I am not a fan of yaoi & yuri or anything that goes along with it. Don't get me wrong, I do love cute boys/girls but them doing mature things, well, let's just say we keep it private. As much as possible I do like my blog to be child-friendly.

Feel free to ask me anything. <3